What’s new at Holy Bible Foundation?

The following Bibles have been recently acquired and are available on CD or in tangible book form, but not yet for download:

Gospel of John in the Cannarese 1865

Complete Cannarese Bible of 1865

Chinese Delegates Version 1853

Complete Bible of Schereschewski of 1902

A. Judson’s complete Burmese Bible

Japanese Gospels of the Nagai NT 1931 in the new furigana characters

Japanese Nagai NT of 1931 in the old kanji characters

Rheto Romansch New Testament of 1869

Russian KJV 1611 NT

Ukrainian Bible of 1906

Ukrainian NT 1880


The Hebrew Hutter 1817 New Testament has been reprinted in tangible form and can be ordered for US $5,– at:  broleonard@netzero.com


The Hindi, Telugu and Oriya New Testaments based on the Textus Receptus and corrected with KJV readings are available at:  www.bbmindia.org