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All the scanned-in Bibles are available on CD/DVD and can be purchased by sending an e-mail to Holybiblefoundation

The whole Bible/ OT/ NT can be ordered by sending an email toHolybiblefoundation

If you want a copy on a CD-rom, please contact us and let us know. The costs of a CD for a complete scanned in New Testament is euro EUR10,- (US $15,-), for a complete scanned in Old Testament EUR20,- ($30,-), and for the complete scanned in Bible EUR25,- ($40,-).


The material following here is already scanned in and still has to be put on the website, which still might take some months, but can already be ordered on separate CD by sending an email to Holybiblefoundation 



Chinese Delegates Version 1853

Czech Bible 1613

French parallel Martin 1744-Ostervald 1996

French Osterwald NT 1872

German Bible of Martin Luther 1853

Modern Greek 1872, partly

Karen NT 1850

Persian NT 1876 (6th edition of Henry Martin)

Complutensian Polyglott OT & NT 1514-1517

Polyglott Bible of Theile and Stier 1863 (Luthers German, Latin, Hebrew and Greek), 5 volumes.

Bible Rumanian 1914

Russian Bible with Scofield notes 1909

Sanskrit OT 1848-1872

Serbian Bible 1892 

complete Bible in Sinhalese 1860 (Sri Lanka).

Slovanian Bible 1882

Sorbian Bible 1880

Spanish Reina Valera 1602

Tamil NT 1859

Telugu NT 1860

Turkish Bible 1827

Turkish NT 1857 in Arabic script

Zuercher Bible 1531-1904

Dutch Trommius Concordance 1750 on Dutch Staten vertaling 1637

Luther’s Concordance 1705 on German Luther Bible